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Mickey Wiles is the CEO and Founder of Working Fields, a mission-driven staffing agency that supports individuals with barriers to employment, predominately people in recovery from substance use disorders or past convictions. Mickey has a long career in the private sector business community where he held various leadership roles starting with a Boston high tech firm, Microcom, Inc. He moved to Vermont in 1995 where he continued in leadership roles with Ben &Jerry's, Seventh Generation, and Burlington Labs. Mickey also held the positions of the Executive Director of the Turning Point Center of Chittenden County.

Mickey is a person in long-term recovery and was provided a second chance after spending time in Federal Prison. For the last fifteen years, Mickey has dedicated his work to helping others who want a second chance after a life of addiction and/or criminal convictions.

Mickey is the interim board president of the Vermont Roots and Wings Alliance. In this role, Micky draws on his personal experience as well as experience with other non-profit Boards.



Board Member

Mark Logan, MD is a retired Medical Doctor with 35 years in the practice of Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, and Addiction Medicine. His work in addiction medicine involved bringing recovery-based approaches to the frontlines of treatment and the Judicial System.
Through working with addiction patients, Dr. Logan understands the immense need
to support, at all levels, the work of recovery, and the reduction of obstacles to achieve recovery.

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Board Member

Bob Purvis is a person with almost eighteen years of long term
recovery from alcohol use disorder. He has been the executive
director of the Turning Point Center of Central Vermont in Barre for
over eleven years, and for four years was on the executive
committee of the Vermont Recovery Network. In 2021 Purvis was
awarded the first annual Washington County Adult Treatment Court
Caring Award.
His first position in Vermont was as executive director of Vermont

Conservation Voters. Prior to moving to Vermont in 2006, Bob co-
created and directed for thirteen years an addiction recovery

residence in Baltimore, Maryland, where he also practiced law and
served as legal director of the National Institute Against Prejudice &
Violence. Also while in Maryland, Bob served on the Governor’s
Executive Advisory Committee on Drugs as well as the Governor’s
Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Religious Tensions. He
began his professional life as a corporate lawyer in Pittsburgh.



Advisory Council Member

Sarah Reed joined the Chittenden County Public Defender’s Office as a Staff Attorney in 2007.

She took over the role of defense counsel on the Chittenden County Treatment Court dockets in 2009 and has been involved with the programs since. She helped to found Vermont Roots and Wings Alliance in 2020.

“Treatment Court participants are special people. 

They have been pushed down by life over and over, but still have the courage to keep getting up and trying again. I assisted in establishing VT Roots and Wings because my work in the Treatment Courts has exposed me to the number of funding and programmatic gaps that Treatment Courts cannot fill alone.

Vermont Roots and Wings Alliance will fill the gaps and provide an extra hand to a people who very often have no familial or social supports they can call on in times of need.”



Advisory Council Member

Robert Sand served as the Governor's Liaison to Criminal Justice Programs, the former elected State’s Attorney for Windsor County, a position he held for 15 years, and has been with Vermont Law school since 2016. He co-founded the school’s criminal law clinic and hosts an annual conference on innovative criminal justice programs. Sand is the founding Director of the Center for Justice Reform at Vermont Law School to include coordinating a new Master of Arts in Restorative Justice Degree.

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